Airways Authoring Tool


User Experience Design, Information Architecture (consult), Art Direction

Technology Used
Adobe CQ5(CMS), Photoshop, Illustrator, Omni Outliner, Omni Graffel, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript

AIRWay’s Authoring provides a interface for educators to create tests and lesson plans for students. The educators can start a project by using a template or copy an existing project from the library and share ownership with others if one chooses to.

The main design challenge of this project is to create a simple user interface for the complicated test creation process as well as sharing functionality. I worked with the product manager to define requirements and create wireframes, then conducted usability studies throughout the design process. We utilized a PowerPoint-like layout that most of the users are already familiar with. It was confirmed during usability studies that the design helped them to ease into the new system, which could have been intimidating otherwise. The system is designed to work on tablets and touch screen devices in addition to the desktop machines.

First of part of the user interface allows administrative tier users to have a bird-eye view of all the tests created by authoring staff – teachers, content writers and etc; as well as the ability for each staff to share their content for approval and editing.

The second part of this authoring interface is to give the user an environment that is similar to their familiar word process and slideshow tools, along with a robust search option to let them compose

The user interface is designed to be extremely lightweight. Since the key action for the user is to search and select from thousands of existing individual test questions and compose a complete test, or to create their own, if necessary.

To help development team understand how the interaction works, as well as how the components should break down; I have created a simple html site to domonstrate to overall experience.

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