Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)


User Experience Design, Information Architecture, User Research

Technology Used
Adobe XD, Illustrator, PhP

AIR’s Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) stores students’ information such as grades, special accommodations, test eligibilities, etc. The information is programmatically used to configure each student’s tests and computer settings in our test delivery system.

The main requirement is to streamlined the data entry and retrieval workflow. One of the biggest deisgn challenge is discover and disign for many differnet use case and to accomodate a client configurable UI that service multipe tiers of users. I conducted many indirect interview user to fully understand their user journey. I lead post-launch usablity studies to verify that the site structure aligns with user needs. The end product was highly appreciated by our clients.  I also lead the effort to get this product fully accessible –  508 compliant and receiving a WCAG2.0 AA compliant certification.


The dashboard groups common user tasks based on their journey in the test planning and administration process

Core area

The core funcitonality is there to support mutiple step of data entry, retrieval and validation – from an test information overview to details of student data, shipment or process tracking. It’s very important to fully undestand the user need to provide exactly what they need.