UBMD Physician’s Group


Information Architecture, User Interface and User Experience design,  Photo Direction, Icon design, Usability & Accessibility Testing

The University at Buffalo’s Physician Group needed a website to increase new patient recruitment and establish itself as a health care leader. To keep the site sustainable, it aggregates feeds from various sources to show calendar information and faculty profiles. As the result of the redesign, the traffic to the physician group increased by 150% with a more engaged audience. The bounce rate decreased as the practice plan made its mark,  improving conversion and getting more than 120% of the new patient sign-ups.


To understand our primary audience, we have done extensive user interviews and ethnographic research. We created a “Health Solution Seeker” Mental Model to guide our design decisions. We also partnered with the in-house ADA unit to make sure the website is accessible. As we continue to test in the beta phase, we discovered other important audience segments: caregivers and referring physicians. Both have very different needs. Leveraging these additional findings, we continue to improve the user experience of the site. We added tip boxes, created a clinical trial section and updated the search function.  This helped us plan for a phase 2 project to address special needs through other touch points.